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Irvine Appeals Lawyer

For whatever reason, be it not having all the information or missing a key witness, you didn't win your case in court. Now comes the challenging decision of whether or not to appeal. You may want closure for emotional reasons, or you might decide after consulting with an appellate attorney that fighting an appeal isn't in your best interest. However the option to appeal is usually available for cases who don't receive a successful outcome. Attorney Quinn is ready to help you if you need to make an appeal due to an unjust result. Contact him today to schedule an initial appointment to explain your case.
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Irvine Criminal Defense Attorney

As an experienced criminal defense attorney in Orange County, Stephane Quinn has successfully defended cases that range in seriousness, and he will work to defend clients charged with everything from homicide, to DUI, to sexual assault. Retaining the right criminal defense lawyer to assist you is the most critical decision to make in these circumstances. Mr. Quinn works diligently, efficiently and with great attention to detail to ensure that your rights are protected to garner the best outcome possible.
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Irvine Family Law Attorney

As an Irvine, CA, Family Law Attorney, Stephane Quinn works with families in good times and bad. He is experienced with all aspects of California Family Law. You can rely on Attorney Quinn to provide you with current information, explanations of the legal processes you must go through, and his vast knowledge of Family Law as you deal with difficult legal matters.
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Irvine Juvenile Defense Attorney

Youthful offenders may not receive the harsh penalties that adult criminals encounter, but much is still at stake for a child who has been arrested. Though the courts focus on rehabilitation instead of punishment when considering young offenders, serious consequences may occur. Even in juvenile court, a conviction can result in significant fines, confinement and commitment to juvenile hall. Attorney Stephane Quinn will aggressively and competently work to ensure yours and your child’s rights are protected, while securing the best possible outcome.
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