Irvine Appeals Lawyer

For whatever reason, be it not having all the information or missing a key witness, you didn’t win your case in court. Now comes the challenging decision of whether or not to appeal. You may want closure for emotional reasons, or you might decide after consulting with an appellate attorney that fighting an appeal isn’t in your best interest. However the option to appeal is usually available for cases who don’t receive a successful outcome.

Why Hire an Appellate Attorney

Your initial lawyer fought hard for you, and while he or she may be excellent at what they do, it’s in your best interest to hire an attorney who practices appellate law on a regular basis. Not only will your case benefit by being looked at from a different perspective and another set of eyes, an appellate attorney brings a different set of skills to the table which are not necessarily the same as your first attorney.

How An Appellate Attorney Can Help You

Appellate Attorney Stephanie Quinn works with your previous lawyer to collaborate information and discuss specifics of the case. You won’t be losing information and Mr. Quinn will have all the information available by consulting with your other attorney. When taking all existing information and adding a fresh perspective, you won’t suffer the tunnel vision that often happens when an attorney guides their client through the appellate process after they lose a case.

Attorney Quinn has years of experience arguing appellate cases and writing briefs that are successful. He has an extensive legal background which he pairs with stellar persuasive writing skills and a creative thinking approach. He is a competent attorney who leaves no paper unread, no piece of evidence un-turned. He fights for your rights and aims to help you get you the results you desire.

Work With Attorney Stephanie Quinn

Attorney Quinn is ready to help you if you need to make an appeal due to an unjust result. Contact him today to schedule an initial appointment to explain your case. Attorney Quinn will discuss it with you and explain how he may be able to help you and his opinions on the chances of getting a favorable outcome with an appeal. If you have any doubt in your mind about the outcome of your case, you owe it to yourself to move forward with the appeals process today!

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